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There's nothing better than feeling good about yourself. When you look good, you feel good. At ReJuvenere Medical Spa, we offer an array of services to help create the look you want and make sure you feel your best. Whether it's just in time for the holidays, before that tropical vacation, or as a treat to yourself, there is no better time to take your appearance into your own hands. Laser hair removal tops the list of affordable medical procedures that offer substantial return on investment. Removing unsightly hair makes both men and women feel better about their bodies and improves the look and feel of skin.

Advanced Laser Hair Reduction Technology

ReJuvenere Medical Spa now offers laser hair removal with the Lumenis LightSheer Quattro. This technology offers amazing benefits above and beyond earlier methods and equipment. By increasing the surface area being treated for laser hair reduction, the procedure time is reduced. In many cases, treatment to standard areas are 15 minutes or less. Scheduling a lunch or after-work appointment has never been easier. The LightSheer protocol does away with messy gels and anesthetics, offering the quickest, most frustration-free treatment available. The stay-cool technology reduces irritation and is calibrated to work with darker skin types, which often face unwanted pigmentation with other laser hair reduction services.

Plucking, hair removal creams and shaving are never permanent, time-consuming, and painful. ReJuvenere Medical Spa offers real results with the Lumenis LightSheer Quattro. Only laser hair removal provides you with the smooth, baby-soft skin you want. Utilizing diode lasers with state-of-the-art vacuum assist technology, we can tailor the treatment to meet your body's needs and reduce your treatment time substantially, while offering real results.

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ReJuvenere Medical Spa understands your time is valuable - no one wants to spend hours getting laser hair removal. Choosing the Lumenis LightSheer Duet for laser hair reduction services saves you time and money, while offering better results with less discomfort.  So, why not treat yourself to the body you really want and schedule a hassle-free evaluation with ReJuvenere Medical Spa today. 

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