Laser Vein Treatment Services 

When the spring and summer months roll around, we all want to show off our legs in shorts and skirts. However, leg and spider veins can cause a lot of embarrassment and have us reaching for anything to cover them up. But, there's no need to hide anymore. At ReJuvenere, we offer laser treatments to get rid of any unwanted veins.

Vein Treatment Powered by Lumenis

The removal of leg, spider and facial veins are among the most frequent and challenging aesthetic complaints. Luckily, our vein treatment is powered by Lumenis, which integrates two highly effective technologies that provide you with the best clinical solution for this condition. Our treatment utilizes an intense pulsed light (IPL), used for reaching the smaller and superficial red vessels. Additionally, a high-energy pulsed laser light (YAG laser) treats the deeper, blue veins. 

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The result - you'll love your skin! Our vein treatments use the most comprehensive system available, which has a fantastic outcome that will leave you happy. Plus, the entire procedure is noninvasive. Prices begin at $100. Please contact us to book your appointment or if you have any questions. 

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