Buffalo Laser Hair Removal

Buffalo laser hair removal is the answer to unwanted hair. You can finally wear what you want without having to worry about spending hours of your week shaving or waxing. While shaving and waxing only lasts a few days at most, you can have long lasting and even permanent hair removal when you utilize our services. At Rejuvenere Medical Spa, we will provide you with the most effective laser techniques available.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work? Buffalo Laser Hair Removal

With this process, we use a highly intense, but not heated laser, on the skin. The process does not hurt, but it does provide just enough treatment to damage the follicle. This is the area of your skin where the hair grows. By damaging it, the follicle can no longer produce hair. That means that you can have hair-free skin in no time. This process works for those who have most types of hair thickness and color. We're specialists in those who have darker skin tones. Remember, there's no pain and no damage to your skin!

What You Can Expect from Laser Hair Removal in Buffalo

When you visit our Buffalo laser hair removal location, we'll discuss whether this treatment option can work for your needs. Generally, it takes about six treatment sessions to gain complete hair removal that's permanent. That's because we can only treat hair during the growth cycle. Each of these treatment sessions only lasts about 15 minutes, but may be longer depending on the area you wish to have treated.

Call us today to get the exceptional service you need. We offer payment plans, fair prices and outstanding results to our clients. Visit us today and get a free consultation with our professionals to determine if laser hair removal is the right option for your needs. You'll love not having to shave or wax again!

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