Williamsville, NY Laser Hair Removal & Reduction

Williamsville, NY Laser Hair RemovalUnsightly hairs can make you feel uncomfortable during the spring and summer months when you like to wear light clothing that shows off your skin. But removing this hair in traditional ways is a painful process that often doesn't last beyond a few days or weeks. At ReJuvenere Medical Spa, we offer the Lumenis LightSheer Duet for expert Williamsville, NY laser hair removal. This ingenious method of hair removal will strip your skin of unwanted hair in a pain-free, efficient, and effective manner. Before summer rolls around, come to Rejuvenere Medical Spa for the highest quality laser hair removal treatment.

About Our Laser Hair Reduction & Removal Process

The hair removal process takes place over a series of six treatments. This process does not require any anesthetic in order to prevent pain. Instead, we pre-treat the skin to allow us to use stronger laser settings without causing pain, damage, or pigmentation. This process is effective for any skin tone and we are specialists in providing laser hair removal for darker skin tones, without any damage or discoloration. The entire procedure, from start to finish, only takes 15 minutes per session, even for large areas like the legs or back. At Rejuvenere Medical Spa, we take pride in offering the most effective, safe, and pain-free laser hair removal service in Williamsville.

Your Williamsville, NY Laser Hair Removal & Reduction Experts

At ReJuvenere Medical Spa, we want to make the cost of our laser hair removal service as pain free as the actual service itself. Before you commit to the cost, you can have a free consultation with one of our professionals to determine exactly what services would be best for your needs. Additionally, we offer a payment plan for our Lumenis LightSheer Duet laser hair removal services. Fair prices and easy payment are our way of helping you look your best during the spring and summer months.

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