Williamsville, NY Laser Vein Removal Treatment

Williamsville, NY Laser Vein Treatment Services

Red veins, blue veins, and spider veins. When potential clients come to ReJuvenere Medical Spa looking for laser vein removal, these are the problems they most complain about. While prominent veins aren't a medical problem, most of our clients find them aesthetically unpleasant. And since they are tend to prominently appear on the legs, arms, and face, hiding these veins is often difficult and may be impossible during the warmer months of the year. If you live in the Williamsville, NY area and want laser vein treatment, ReJuvenere Medical Spa is the best source of that treatment in the western New York area.

Safe and Fast

The first question we often receive about laser vein removal is whether it is safe. The simple answer is that it is. The lasers used by ReJuvenere Medical Spa are state-of-the-art and the procedure is fast and almost completely painless. Laser vein treatment has almost no recovery time and results in reduced visibility of veins, if not completely removing visibility of veins, almost immediately upon completion.

Better Looking Skin

ReJuvenere Medical Spa specializes in making skin look better. Our laser vein removal procedure is only one of many ways that we make skin look smoother, cleaner, and more uniform. With laser vein treatment, visible blue and red veins will almost completely disappear. That doesn't mean the veins are gone, just that the oxyhemoglobin structures that were causing the discoloration of the skin have been safely reabsorbed by the body.

Advanced Laser Technology

At ReJuvenere Medical Spa we use two different advanced types of laser for this procedure. For lighter red veins, the intense pulsed light, which also works well on acne and birthmarks, quickly removes the redness from the skin. For blue veins, which are deeper under the skin, a high-energy pulsed laser, also used for removing warts, reduce visibility of those veins, often removing visiblity completely.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation

If you live in the Williamsville, NY area and are ready for laser vein removal, contact us as soon as possible. You will receive your initial consultation with a board certified physician who will get you started on the fast path to clearer skin.

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