Wilson, NY Medical Spa

Spa treatment and skin care services, Wilson, NYIf you have ever watched even one episode of "Real Housewives", surely you have heard about Day Spas. Maybe a friend has been to a day spa, and you've always wanted to spend a day of luxury and pampering too.

If you live in Wilson, NY., or the surrounding area, take a break. Allow yourself to enjoy a day of relaxation and fun at Rejuvenere Medical Spa. Call (716) 433-0086 to schedule your appointment today. Experience a luxurious spa treatment for yourself.

Skin Care Services

The experts at ReJuvenere provide a relaxing medical spa treatment, guaranteed to leave you feeling pampered and refreshed. ReJuvenere offers something for everyone. Each guest can choose a variety of comforting options, including skin care services.

Customized Treatments Based On Your Skin's Needs - Every guest's skin is unique. Our aestheticians use their specialized knowledge to analyze your complexion, determining the best treatment options and skin care products for you.

Clinically Proven Skin and body treatments - Rejuvenere Medical Spa goes above and beyond other day spas, by offering our guest the most advanced selections of cosmetics and dermatologic procedures.

Therapeutic Facials - Select any number of ultra-relaxing, clinically tested, and proven skin care products and procedures that will leave you rejuvenated, looking younger, and feeling better than ever before.

Additional Comfort and Tension Relieving Procedures

Rejuvenere Medical Spa provides guests with a focused, holistic approach to achieve a state of ease and well-being. The spa treatment experience should be not only about luxury but healing through relaxation and reduction of tension and anxiety. Treat yourself from head to toe with these other proven comforts.

Nail Services - No visit would be complete without experiencing the ReJuvenere Signature Pedicure.

Waxing and Tinting Services - Rejuvenere's specialized technicians can perform over a dozen techniques and procedures to meet your needs, and your pleasure.

Message Therapies

Message therapy is the ultimate method of providing you with relaxation, restoration of muscles, increasing circulation, and enhancing overall health. Our message artists use various techniques, to provide guest with rejuvenation and peace of mind.

We invite you to spend a luxurious day of pampering with us. Create an experience that will not be soon forgotten, Schedule your appointment today, Just call (716) 433-0086.