Amherst, NY Spa Pedicure

You deserve to be pampered. Take advantage of the ultimate spa experience when you get a rejuvenating pedicure that you can only get from Rejuvenere Medical Spa. Our Amherst, NY spa pedicure is luxurious and will leave your feet feeling soft and looking beautiful.

Our Amherst, NY Pedicure Treatment Options

Amherst NY spa pedicureRejuvenere Signature Pedicure

When it comes to your pedicure, you have options that will fit your schedule and your budget. Many of our valued customers enjoy Rejuvenere's Signature Pedicure. This is the perfect treatment if you're looking for a little extra pampering. Let us treat you to a sugar scrub and relaxing foot massage. We'll finish your Amherst, NY spa pedicure off with trimmed nails and a nail color of your choice.

Classic Pedicure

This 60-minute treatment will leave your feet feeling refreshed and soft. We will start with soaking your feet in warm water which will have a relaxing effect. To further your relaxing experience, we will exfoliate and massage your feet. Your Amherst, NY pedicure treatment will be finished with perfectly shaped nails that will be buffed and polished with the nail color of your choice.

Our Manicure and Other Services

If you want your hands to look soft and beautiful, then look no further than Rejuvenere Medical Spa. We have a couple different manicure options to leave your nails looking exquisite.

Gel Manicure

Our gel manicure is a popular choice that's an affordable option for busy people on the go. You'll enjoy a trim and perfect shaping of your nails. We'll finish your treatment with a durable and long-lasting gel polish and a hand massage.

Classic Manicure

Nothing looks better than well-manicured nails. At Rejuvenere Medical Spa, you can experience our classic manicure. This water-based treatment involves cutting and shaping of your nails. We will then polish the nails with a color that you choose.

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