Massage Therapy at ReJuvenere Medical Spa

Massage Therapy enhances a person's health and wellbeing, while also providing a relaxing experience. Different sessions help alleviate certain aches, pains and tensions, as well as help restore our bodies from stress and trauma. Massages aren't only beneficial for your body but also to restore your mind and spirit.

At ReJuvenere Medical Spa, we have several options to fulfill any and all of your massage needs. Our sessions typically last between 30 and 90 minutes and prices range from $45 to $135. If you're unsure which therapy would be right for you, our ReJuvenere massage experts can answer any questions you may have. To speak to one or to schedule an appointment, contact us by filling out the form or calling us at (716) 433-0086.

Lockport, NY Massage Therapy


Swedish: (60 minutes $80/30 minutes $50)
Relax your body, rest your mind and restore your spirit with a Swedish massage. This treatment helps to relieve muscle tension and improve body function by stimulating circulation and reducing stress.  Long, flowing, connecting strokes are used to relax muscle tension, free the mind and reduce stress.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue: (60 minutes $95/30 minutes $60)
This massage offers a deep pressure to release structure constrictions, contractures and adhesions from old injury or trauma.  Deep tissue massages also help to relieve muscular pain, inflammation or related pain caused by arthritis or tendinitis.   

Hot Stone: (90 minutes $150/60 minutes $110) 
Heated basalt stones are able to access deeper structures of musculature more rapidly, creating a euphoric feeling of simplicity, alleviating stress and tension. (
Deep Tissue: 90 minutes -$150; 60 minutes - $125)

Maternity: (60 minutes $85/30 minutes $55) 
This massage is a wonderful complement to prenatal care. It may relieve many stresses during pregnancy, including headaches, backaches, and leg cramps. In addition, there is facilitation of blood and lymphatic circulation assisted in the treatment of edema. This can only be performed after the first trimester.
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